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Colombia | Augusto Urrego

Colombia | Augusto Urrego

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Region: Urrao, Colombia
Variety: Chiroso
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1,900 masl
We Taste: Concord Grape, Peach Preserves, Lilac

Augusto Urrego manages the farm, Finca Las Flores, alongside his family. The farm is small at 1 hectare, with 3,000 Chiroso trees. 2024 was the first year The Coffee Quest worked with Augusto and this is our first time trying and purchasing his coffee. Thanks to the success of this year's harvest, Augusto is planting an additional 600 Chiroso trees on Finca Las Flores. It's exciting to be a part of this budding relationship and we look forward to purchasing Augusto's coffee in future years as well. We have very limited volume of this coffee so it won't be on the menu for very long!

Chiroso is a relatively new coffee variety on the scene, that was first discovered in Antioquia. Carmen Montoya won the 2014 Cup of Excellence with a Chiroso, which kickstarted its current recognition. It is known to be an Ethiopian landrace with flavor characteristics often showcasing ripe citrus, tropical fruit, and florals. Though Chiroso has not had the same sort of explosion into the specialty coffee scene as Pink Bourbon grown in Huila, we expect to see more of it in years to come. Until then, we'll savor the rare treats when we get to share them with you (and drink them ourselves)!

Price Breakdown:

Our Total Cost: $11.00/lb
Packaging, labor, and weight loss: $4.04/lb
Green Price:
FOB Price: $5.54/lb
Farm Gate Price: 3,500,000 COP/Carga

Importer: The Coffee Quest

*We roast on Tuesdays and ship the following day; order cutoff is 7:00 am Tuesday morning

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