Rowan was founded on finding balance

In the same way that coffee tastes best when all of its attributes are in balance, we believe that a business functions best when all of its elements are coordinated and balanced.

We work hard towards creating a business that is open and comfortable for guests and employees, while pushing the coffee industry forward in terms of service, quality, business practices, and sustainability. We are striving to do our part to help build a viable future for coffee, from the cafe level all the way back to the producers whose coffees we roast and serve.

We approach roasting as a way to celebrate the work of coffee producers. We buy fresh, vibrant, clean, and complex coffees and aim for flavor clarity with our roasting. As the end of the supply chain, we believe it is our responsibility to create a coffee experience that carefully represents all of the work that has gone into the final product for you to enjoy!

We opened the doors to our downtown cafe in September of 2021 in the pursuit of serving exceptional coffees for everyone to enjoy.

Join the team!

We want to make a workplace that provides a fun and supportive, yet challenging environment. We want to foster growth in the coffee industry at large and help contribute to more sustainable hospitality careers in our community. We keep all resumes on file and reach back out to selected applicants whenever a position opens up. Email resumes to