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Ethiopia | Duromina 2023

Ethiopia | Duromina 2023

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Region: Agaro, Ethiopia
Variety: Local Landraces
We Taste: Nectarine, Melon, Bergamot

The Duromina washing station is well renowned washing station in Agaro, Ethiopia, that rose to prominence with assistance from the Technoserve Project in Western Ethiopia.  It is a member of the famous Kata Muduga Union, alongside other well known washing stations such as Nano Genji and Nano Genji. Red Fox has an over decade-long relationship with the washing stations in this region and their coffees are a core part of their offerings every year. We look forward to making them a core part of our menu as well! We love coffees from the Agaro region for their candied citrus and honey-like flavors and their sweet floral aromatics, and this year's quality is really stunning. Our current lot of Duromina reminds us of nectarine, candied lemon, melon, bergamot, and honeysuckle. 


Price Breakdown

Our Total Cost: $9.18/lb
Packaging, labor, and weight loss: $3.03/lb
Green Price: $6.15/lb
FOB Price: $4.85/lb
Farm Gate Price: $2.97/lb
Importer: Red Fox

*We roast on Tuesdays and ship the following day 

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