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Ethiopia | Mohammed Aba Nura 2023

Ethiopia | Mohammed Aba Nura 2023

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Region: Agaro, Ethiopia
Variety: 74110, 74112, 74140
Process: Natural
Elevation: 2000-2100 masl
We Taste: Blueberry, White Peach, Violet

This coffee comes to us from Mohammed Aba Nura, who is a member of the Tokuma group in Agaro, Ethiopia. The Tokuma group consists of smallholder farmers who are pushing the boundaries of both traceability and control of their production in Ethiopia. We’re really excited to be working with these cutting edge producers and this naturally processed coffee from Mohammed is one for the books. It’s incredibly clean and complex with flavors reminding us of blueberry, grape candy, white peach, and delicate purple florals.

In the context of the history of Ethiopian coffee, which has largely been sold through the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange, the idea of being able to have single producer lots is still a fairly new concept. Individually held export licenses have provided greater agency for producers to market and sell their own coffee, while improving the traceability of Ethiopian coffees. However, it is still common practice for these Ethiopian producers to buy cherries from their neighbors, process, and sell it in order to have more meaningful volumes of production to export. The producers who make up the Tokuma group differ in that their lots are comprised of only coffee that they grow. This model creates lots of coffee that have the utmost degree of traceability, while allowing producers to keep their production costs low, especially during years like this one where prices for cherry are inflated. Because of this the Tokuma producers are able to achieve higher profit margins, while pricing their coffees competitively. 


Price Breakdown

Our Total Cost: $7.85/lb
Packaging, labor, and weight loss: $2.85/lb
Green Price: $5.00/lb
FOB Price: $3.80/lb
Farm Gate Price: $3.80/lb
Importer: Osito

*We roast on Tuesdays and ship the following day; order cutoff is 7:00 am Tuesday morning

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