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Nightcap | Decaf

Nightcap | Decaf

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Region: Huila, Colombia
Process: E.A Decaf; Washed
Variety: Caturra, v. Colombia, Typica
We Taste: Apricot, Brown Sugar, S'mores

Nightcap is our decaffeinated single origin. It currently comes from Huila, Colombia and is decaffeinated using the E.A process in which sugarcane is used to extract caffeine from green coffee. We find that the E.A process helps maintain a lot of the vibrant acidity and sweetness that we love in our caffeinated coffees. Currently, we are using a decaffeinated version of the same Colombian that is in both of our other year round coffees. We find this to be an interesting way not only to be able to taste the same coffee processed in two ways, but also a positive way to invest more into one group of producers by purchasing larger volumes from them.


Price Breakdown

Colombia Decaf El Nevado Del Huila:

Our Total Cost: $7.56/lb
Packaging, labor, and weight loss: $3.56/lb
Green Price: $4.00/lb
FOB Price:
Farm Gate Price:
Importer: The Coffee Quest


*We roast on Tuesdays and ship the following day; order deadline is 7:00 am Tuesday morning; local pick-up orders will be ready on Fridays

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