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Peru | Oropel 2024

Peru | Oropel 2024

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Region: Junin, Peru
Variety: Typica, Bourbon
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1800-2000 masl
We Taste: Strawberry Cream, Guava, Lavender, White Chocolate

We've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this lot ever since tasted the pre-shipment sample back in December. This coffee was jumping out at us on the table, reminding us of summertime berries and cream, ripe tropical fruit, and sweet candied florals. We hadn't tasted coffee from this lesser-known region in Peru before this year, but with Oropel and San Juan Pueblo Libre on our menu, our attention has absolutely been captured.

Oropel is a community lot made up from 5 producers in the Junin region of Peru. Oftentimes, community lots are assumed to be large conglomerations of hundreds of producers' coffees, with little transparency about who is contributing to the final coffee. While this can be true, they can also be really small lots such as this one with detailed records about whose coffees they contain. We work to source lots like San Juan Pueblo Libre and Oropel that are built with intention, have transparent records, and give shared market access to smallholders through their combined efforts. We believe that community lots like these are a great way for us to support smallholders whose coffee may otherwise be sold for low prices in local or commodity markets.

Below are the names of the producers who contributed to the this lot.

  • Javier Vilcapoma Buitron - 6 bags Typica
  • Hugo Vilcapoma Camargo - 12 bags Typica and Bourbon
  • Virgilio Contreras Palacios - 6 bags Typica and Bourbon
  • Yuri Vilcapoma Camargo - 4 bags Typica and Bourbon
  • Donato Contreras Veliz - 11 bags Typica and Bourbon

After milling, the 39 50kg bags of parchment resulted in 17 69kg bags with an extra 50kg. We purchased four of these bags to go toward fulfilling a ten bag forward contract.


Price Breakdown:

Our Total Cost: $7.83/lb
Packaging, labor, and weight loss: $3.68/lb
Green Price:
FOB Price: $2.80/lb
Farm Gate Price: ~13.27 soles/kg

Importer: Red Fox

*We roast on Tuesdays and ship the following day; order deadline is 7:00 am Tuesday morning; local pick-up orders will be ready on Fridays

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