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Test Roast

Test Roast

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We don't always get things perfect. As a company with strict standards for quality and a small margin for acceptable error, there are times we end up with coffee that doesn't quite hit our target. Sometimes, the roast may be a little bit off. Sometimes, a coffee might not meet our expectations upon arrival or after being stored. 

Even though it's not perfect, this coffee is still really great. A lot of work and care went into getting it here and we'd much rather sell it at a discounted rate rather than letting it go to waste. We won't always be able to specify what coffee you will receive ahead of time if you order the test roast as we can't predict which coffee will make it into the test roast category. However, we're happy to send along any information about the coffee you receive upon request. We can say that this coffee was purchased with the same intention and values as the rest of our menu as it’s a coffee that currently is, was, or was meant to be on our regular menu. 

*We roast on Tuesdays and ship the following day; order deadline is 7:00 am Tuesday morning; local pick-up orders will be ready on Fridays

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